Get Ready for a Spirited Adventure at the Festival!

Saddle up, folks! Our distillery scene is booming, and we’re here to serve up the best of the best for your tasting pleasure. Get ready to embark on a flavoursome journey through outstanding gins, whiskies, rums, and liqueurs, expertly crafted using a diverse palette of influences. 

So sit tight and take a sip as we introduce you to incredible spirits inspired by Spanish, Scottish, Macedonian, and Italian recipes, among others.

Distillery Exhibitors at the Festival

Rally up your taste buds as we bring you the ultimate line-up of distilleries from the Southern Highlands ready to showcase their exceptional creations. You and your family are in for a delectable treat as you explore the finest spirits from the Southern Highlands

So cheers to a delightful epicurean adventure at the Southern Highlands Food & Wine Festival!

100 Souls Distillery

Dawning Day Farm Spirits

Joadja Distillery


Renegade Spirits

SoHi Spirits 

The Honey Thief